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Colour atlas of human anatomy pdf

colour atlas of human anatomy pdf

369.) The anatomy Ear Acoustic maculae (A).
The epithalamus (A C1) The dorsal thalamus (A C2) The subthalamus (A C3) The hypothalamus (A C4) Diencephalon The simple arrangement of these human layers is still clearly visible in the human embryonic brain.
In the atlas white matter, they lie in rows between the nerve fibers (intrafascicular glia).
The three trigeminal branches leave the cranial cavity through different openings; after passing through the wall of the cavernous sinus, the ophthalmic nerve (A14) anatomy extends with its branches through the orbital fissure, atlas the maxillary nerve (A15) through the round foramen, and the mandibular nerve (A16).
Raven, New York 1972 Harris,.Orbit (C) anatomy The orbital cavity (eye socket) is lined by the periosteum (periorbita) (C26) and is filled with fatty tissue, the orbital fat body (C27 in which the eyeball (C28 the optic nerve (C29 and the eye muscles (C30) are embedded.Between posterior horn and anterior horn lies the intermediate gray matter (A6) and lateral to it the lateral horn (A7).These have atlas an effect on ion channels or, via regulatory proteins, on the expression of genes.

Bidirectional tracts run to patch the photo tegmentum and yousuf to the contralateral subthalamic nucleus and globus pallidus (supramamillary commissure).
284) only by a layer of glial sherlock fibers, and extends as a narrow band obliquely upward into original the region of the zona incerta.
374 Vestibular Sensory Cells.
The optic recess (C11) and (p.The glossopharyngeal nerve (IX) and the vagus nerve (X) emerge dorsal to the olive.The entire surroundings may take episode on an uncanny photo or threatening character.Lanes of sections Kahle, Color Atlas of Human Anatomy, Vol.Over the third ventricle and in the medial wall of the hemisphere, the brain tissue is extremely thin and becomes invaginated episode into the ventricular cavity by protruding vascular loops (p.The fiber plate of the medial lemniscus (D26) (p.In histological preparations, they are mostly surrounded by a narrow empty cleft (VirchowRobin space, perivascular space an artifact caused by tissue shrinkage during histological preparation.